Cayce SC Brookland Cayce High School Band Wows Audience in Hartsville

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October 25th, 2009 6:26 PM
Precision marching, swirling flags, crisp, colorful uniforms, the flash of brass instruments under the bright stadium lights, shouts of encouragement from the grand stands, the intricate salute of the drum major: These are all part of the excitement and pageantry of a high school marching band competition.


With a loud welcome from parents and friends, the Brookland Cayce High School Band proudly marched onto the field at Kellytown Stadium in Hartsville, SC, on Saturday October 24th, at 8:00 P.M. The band was there to compete with ten other schools for a chance to go to the state championships. Brookland Cayce was the last band to perform in the competition.

For the next ten minutes the stadium and audience belonged to Brookland Cayce. The sweat and exhaustion of summer band camp’s 100 degree heat, the hours of practice after school each week, and all of the previous performances had led up to tonight.

The band was very impressive as it marched onto the field toward the audience in two arrow straight columns with the drum major in the lead, perfectly balanced between the two lines. The lines suddenly broke apart and a new formation was quickly created. The musicians were now standing perfectly still awaiting the drum major to direct the start of the performance.


Once the performance begins there is almost too much to see. The band is in constant motion as it continuously changes formations while playing the musical selections. The flag line weaves in and out of the formations, adding texture and visual interest as the colorful fabric swirls and waves in time to the music.

It was an impressive performance. The selections were in sync with smooth transitions. The crowd showed its appreciation several times throughout the performance with enthusiastic applause.


When it was over and the final judging was complete, Brookland Cayce missed placement by a very narrow margin. It is a natural reaction to be disappointed at not being selected to advance. But you would have been hard pressed to find anyone that had witnessed the performance to say that this band is not a winner.

If you had been there you would have witnessed band members who put everything they had into the performance, who displayed discipline and self control on and off the field, who expressed their personalities, and of whom Brookland Cayce can be proud. I know the parents, associates and friends of the band who were in attendance were extremely pleased with the performance.

It takes an extraordinary effort, starting with Mr. Dale Hair, the band director, to get the students prepared to compete at this level. The parents that help weekly with setting up and breaking down the equipment and the parents and businesses that support the band by providing meals during the competitions are invaluable. In the end it is all worth it when you see the pride and poise of the members of the Brookland Cayce High School Band. They deserve our congratulations.


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