Columbia Real Estate Training Gives Internet Edge to Exit Agents

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In the early morning blackness of the pre-dawn, a sedan maneuvers through the empty streets of Wilmington, North Carolina. The man behind the wheel has mentally prepared himself for a long day. He guides his car onto the highway toward his destination in Columbia, SC. The two hundred plus mile trip to Columbia will take approximately three hours.

Key Yessaad, an internet strategist, is a driven man. His knowledge of the inner workings of the internet is surpassed only by his passion to share that information in a meaningful, measureable way. Key, a former professor of mathematics is uniquely equipped to teach lay people about the intricacies of effective internet strategy.

At 7:30 a.m. Key arrives at the training center for Exit Realty in West Columbia. For the next hour he is consumed with getting a wide array of wires, cables, and gadgets connected for his presentation. Wires are duct-taped to the floor, projectors and monitors are tested, sound is checked, programs and videos pre-loaded, internet is brought up, and the room is set for the Exit agents and brokers who will attend.

By 8:45 when the first agents begin to arrive, Key has already been working for over four hours. There is music pulsing from speakers while video flashes across the large projector screen and plasma monitor. The chatter among the agents combined with the music videos creates an upbeat atmosphere.

At 9:30 Key eases into the first part of the training. He spends several minutes on getting the students into the right frame of mind. He asks them to be completely present in the room. The students will need to be able to wrap their minds around the concepts. Key also wants them to know what they can expect to take away at the end of the day.

The challenge for Key is that there are 32 agents and brokers in the room. The knowledge base of the group about internet strategy runs the gambit from zero to somewhat informed. Key knows that his instruction will need to be presented so that each person will understand at his/her own level. The important thing will be the ability of the agent to implement the ideas.

With the precision of a skilled physician Key quickly begins to dissect the room with a series of direct questions and one-on-one interaction with several agents. He can sense the apprehension of some of the agents and makes it a point to assure them that they will not need to be technically inclined to benefit from the training.

The general concepts of creating internet visibility are covered in the first part of the course. Key makes sure the agents have a clear understanding of why. Once they understand the why, the critical steps involved in implementation will make sense.

The energy and excitement generated from Key’s teaching style is working its magic. The room’s occupants are in synch with where he is leading them. The earlier concepts start to build momentum as the students realize the potential power of the strategy. Each point is clearly demonstrated with real examples from the internet.

A well-timed question from a new agent about an important concept gives Key the perfect opportunity for breakthrough understanding. He pounces on the opportunity and becomes wildly animated. It is like someone hit a fast forward switch.

Key starts moving rapidly between several agents. Each time he stops, a rapid fire question is asked directly to that agent. After a very slight pause he tells the agent the right answer and has him/her say it. He quickly repeats the action with another agent. After a third time using the same technique, Key swoops in on the person with the original question. Key asks the original question back to the agent. The agent is able to answer his own question now. Key reacts with a very loud “YESSSSSSSS” and leaps into the air. The grand prize of understanding has been achieved.

The motion, excitement, and technique are so powerful that it has everyone in the class hypnotized by the building drama. The class is greatly relieved when the agent is able to provide the right answer. By building the tension and uncertainty about the answer to the question, Key was able to drag the entire class to the finish line together.

By 3:00 p.m. Key has been expending incredible amounts of energy for over 11 hours. He knows from experience that it is critical for the agents to put the ideas being presented into practice immediately after the training is completed. He also understands that many of the agents will not follow through.

The concepts have been understood, the tools to implement have been identified, and an action plan has been outlined. The agents that have the perseverance to act will be guaranteed success within the realm of internet visibility.

Much like a great musician or performer; Key has given completely of himself. His ability to teach relatively complex concepts effectively to non-technical people is a testimony to his skills as an instructor. The students leaving the training have the ability to change their own destiny. No one could ask for anything more.

Joe Nester is the broker/owner of Exit Agape Real Estate Services in West Columbia, South Carolina. Joe, an avid writer, has written over 50 blogs on varying topics about real estate. He is also contributing writer for Examiner.com and Hubpages.com

Joe is a firm believer in Key’s philosophy that it is important for businesses and individuals to tell their stories. Internet visibility with good content is a great way to build trust with potential clients.

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