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Agape Senior South Carolina Launches Brand New Home Assesment Program

In Home assesment on August 19, 2010 at 2:09 am

Agape Senior South Carolina Launches Brand New Home Assesment Program

Senior Home VisitEvery day in South Carolina thousands of senior adults are struggling to get through the day. It might be a mobility issue that makes even simple tasks seem impossible. It might be a maintenance issue with the home that is causing an unsafe living condition. Or it could be isolation and loneliness that are causing depression. If the senior does not have a local support system he or she will usually suffer in silence.

Often in these cases the condition deteriorates to the point where the senior ends up in the hospital because of a fall, dehydration or dozens of other possibilities. When this happens a family member might come in from out of town and be faced with the reality that his or her loved one can no longer completely function on his or her own. This is a crisis situation for everyone involved. Important decisions about future care have to be made quickly and usually with limited information.

Agape Senior, a leading provider of senior care in South Carolina, has been working actively with local communities and churches to educate seniors about different care options available. “We want to help seniors avoid a crisis and be able to make an informed decision about additional care when and if the time comes,” states Scott Middleton, CEO of Agape Senior.

In response to this growing problem, Agape Senior just launched a brand new program that is focused on taking solutions and options to the senior. The Agape Senior Home Assessment program is now available throughout the state. The comprehensive program involves an (SSA) Senior Solution Advisor making a house call at the request of the homeowner or family member. The trained advisor will evaluate the current conditions and identify the areas that pose the greatest daily living challenges for the senior in the home.

The checklist for the program was designed by experts within the senior healthcare industry. The multiple categories within the checklist look at all of the areas of daily living. There is a large focus on safety and ease of mobility in the current home. The goal is to identify potential problems and help the senior connect to possible solutions before the problem becomes a crisis.

If you would like more information on the Agape Senior Home Assessment program or would like to schedule an assessment please call 1-800-411-AGAPE (2427)

Joe Nester